Links I Love

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  1. I did my own, Kate did too.  Beauty guru Bobbi Brown shares her tips for doing your own wedding make-up. (
  2. Turn your own handwriting into a font for your computer, for free. (
  3. Bloggers always need good photos, and sometimes you can't take your own.  Here are the top 10 websites for free, non-cheesy stock photos. (creative
  4. He may have left us in person in 1991, but he lives on in his works. Dr. Seuss' new release will need to be added to our library. (
  5. 6 super-weird beauty tricks that work wonders: I'm trying the first one tomorrow. (
  6. Check out this guy's Instagram: he brings beauty to doodles. (
  7. You had me at "chocolate".  They've compiled the best chocolate recipes in the universe. (
  8. For you frequent travelers, find out the quality of your hotel's wifi before you book. (
  9. I'm always looking for new recipes, I might get addicted to this Tender app. Downloading now. (

Just a few (9, to be exact)

  1. Want to eat healthy but get bored with what that usually means?  Check out these 30 Superfood Recipes you've never tried before. (
  2. Sometimes you're just at the right place at the right time, and you look up.  This photographer did. (
  3. If you feel your brain is wasting away, here are 17 websites that will make you smarter. (
  4. We're having a drought, people! 5 water-saving beauty tips. (
  5. We all have inner super-heros. Especially these beautiful children. (
  6. Small closet but big fashion appetite? Here are 9 ways to rent clothing. (
  7. Spring clean (or I guess now it would be summer clean) your make-up drawer, here are the only 6 lipsticks you'll ever need. (
  8. Who knew you could hack ice cream? These are kinda genius. (
  9. And speaking of hacks, 101 lifehacks for the home.  (I seriously love this knife block one.) (

Friday Favorites - Links I Love

  1. Like I think most women, I'm always trying to manage it all and be successful.  These are good tips on how successful women make the most of their time (everyone only gets 24 hours in a day) (
  2. Beautiful artwork and super cool speed painting videos (
  3. Took some of these photos to my last hair dresser appointment, love the results. Great cut with movement but not in need of a lot of styling. (
  4. White is so in as summer is upon us. But ever wonder what to wear underneath so you're not sharing too much?  Answers here (and usually you can't wear white under white.) (
  5. For us very pale-faced people, an easy add to your morning face routine that will gradually give you a summer glow. (
  6. Its 2015.  Its about time Barbie got with the program and diversified.  (
  7. Ok, this may seem like the weirdest, but after reading the article, I'm considering the face shaving. (Note, the image is deceptive. There is no shaving cream involved.)(
  8. Always looking for décor tricks to take things up a notch.  14 tips for that here. (
  9. In honor of Father's Day, a cute compilation video of dads who dominate at parenting. (

Web Wonders

Ok, they may not be complete wonders, but here are some fun finds from the web this past week:

  1. Sometimes I feel like I have never fully recovered from pregnancy brain.  I'm going to have to start implementing some of these daily habits to make me smarter. (
  2. There is such beauty and diversity in the world, even in just one family. This mother shares images she captured of her daughters. (
  3. Pet peeve of mine: badly hung wall art. Here's how to do it right in your space. (
  4. I'm always on the hunt for small space storage ideas. These built-ins are harder to implement in a rental, but still some good ideas.  (
  5. "My strong body image was a direct result of feeling validated by society."  An honest look at body image I could relate to. (
  6. Since it costs an arm and a leg just to get in, its good to know you can get some free stuff at Disneyland. I'm definitely asking for the map next time we go. (
  7. If you're going to spend on pricey skin care products, be sure you are investing properly. (
  8. Another life-hack that I'm a fan of: DIY/green ways to organize your life. (
  9. Anthro does it again, though out of my price range so I'll just drool from here: I don't think you could feel anything but pretty in this dress. (


Hello Friday - Links I Love

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead.  Here are some fun things I came across on the web this week.

  1. I will probably have to invest in all three of these products.  We all know how important it is to use sunscreen daily, which it think (hope) most of us do first thing with our daily face application.  But the proper use of sunscreen requires reapplication during the day. Who does that once their makeup is on?  These products help solve that problem.
  2. Even if you don't have kids, if you've ever been around them, you can sympathize and join in the laughter found on this Instagram account: average parent problems.
  3. I am excited to look now for cheap, cute little dishes (99 cent store maybe?) and get some rope and beads and make these darling hanging planters.  Hanging planters are a perfect way to add more greenery to your home while keeping it baby-safe.  These look so easy!
  4. Just a little interesting fact explaining the purpose of the extra lace hole in your gym shoes. Huh, who knew?