Friday Favorites - Links I Love

I'm back!!! I have not disappeared off the face of the planet, just off the face of my blog for a few months.  Started a new job (yay!) that is very time consuming (not yay) but worth it (yay!).  Hope everyone is recovering from this election - or at least getting some rest before we have to deal with the next 4 years that start in January.  Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, and are happily anticipating the holiday to come (whatever you may celebrate. Happy everything!!)  I got our holiday cards ordered in time to actually get them out before Christmas this year (I didn't get any out last year.)  

Picking back up on my old blog patterns, here are some favorite links I've found from the endless supply of material the web has to offer. Hope you enjoy these Friday Favorites.  There's something for everyone: beauty, travel, fashion and science. 

  1. Any woman who wears makeup knows that it's all about the perfect base, the perfect foundation.  It sometimes feels like a hunt for a mythical creature.  This article will save you the money and time and help you find the best/right foundation for you.  
  2. I travel a lot in my day dreams. No so much in real life, but I want to do it more.  This planet is full of spectacular sights and locals, and I think that it is important for us to see how others live in other parts of the world: we are all different, yet the same.  Here are 10 under rated travel spots you should consider for your next adventure.
  3. Diversity is what makes the world so amazing.  In industries that are about style, self expression, and often pushing boundaries, it is tragic that there is not a more diversity in the modeling and fashion world.  This model and photographer make a point with these beautiful images.
  4. This isn't your typical entry in a fashion/life style blog, but we are really in to dinosaurs in my house right now (I have a 3 year old son), and so I found this just really so cool.  I don't remember learning when I was a kid that dinosaurs had feathers, but now that we've been re-learning about them with our son, apparently this is a common thought about many of them, and now they have found actual feathers and flesh from 99 million years ago!