Just a few (9, to be exact)

  1. Want to eat healthy but get bored with what that usually means?  Check out these 30 Superfood Recipes you've never tried before. (greatest.com)
  2. Sometimes you're just at the right place at the right time, and you look up.  This photographer did. (grindtv.com)
  3. If you feel your brain is wasting away, here are 17 websites that will make you smarter. (entrepreneur.com)
  4. We're having a drought, people! 5 water-saving beauty tips. (purewow.com)
  5. We all have inner super-heros. Especially these beautiful children. (themighty.com)
  6. Small closet but big fashion appetite? Here are 9 ways to rent clothing. (purewow.com)
  7. Spring clean (or I guess now it would be summer clean) your make-up drawer, here are the only 6 lipsticks you'll ever need. (yahoo.com)
  8. Who knew you could hack ice cream? These are kinda genius. (yahoo.com)
  9. And speaking of hacks, 101 lifehacks for the home.  (I seriously love this knife block one.) (glamumous.co.uk)