Simple Pattern Mixing

It's easy to mix prints in neutrals for a work appropriate look.

Didn't go in to Target looking for these, but who ever leaves Target with only the items on their list?  We ended up with some glow sticks and a bubble blower as well. ;)  I know mixing patterns and prints can sometimes be intimidating, because it's kind of counter-intuitive when you're looking at your wardrobe. But if want an easy tip that is hard to mess up: mix a floral print with a striped piece.  Florals and stripes pretty much always work together.  Especially when you go with neutrals like this.


Every piece in this look can easily be re-styled in other looks, which is always what I look for when building my wardrobe.  This top would look cute with slacks and and blazer, or even jeans on the weekend.  (See the back of it below, it buttons up the back.) This skirt works with a sweater top in a variety of colors, and would be cute with a tank and gladiator sandals on the weekend.


Happy Mother's Day

To my Mom: I get it. And while I was always appreciative of you, becoming a mom myself has made me in awe of you.  I can't say thank you enough.

To my son: You have changed my world and made me feel love in a whole new way.  You are like magic to me. I cherish every second with you.

To the other moms out there: No one said it was going to be easy, but isn't it so worth it? Happy Mother's Day to you.

Its Been a While: Insta-Reply

Its Been a While: Insta-Reply

Hope you had a great weekend.  As I mentioned Friday, my post-college roommate and her husband and son were in town from New Jersey, their first visit and her first time back to Cali in 10 years.  It was indeed like no time had passed, except that we both have husbands and toddlers now.  We couldn't have ordered nicer weather, and we spend Saturday morning in Santa Monica at the pier, and Sunday morning at a local park.  The boys had fun together, and it was great being able to catch up

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Spring Weekend Hair

TGIF y'all.  We're looking forward to this weekend because my former roommate from the year after I graduated college is visiting with her family from New Jersey. I haven't seen her since we moved apart over 10 years ago (yes, showing my age.) Thanks to social media we've kept up with each other, so I suspect it's going to be one of those reunions where it feels like it was just yesterday we were living together (except the husbands and babies part. ;) )  Her son is just a little older than mine so hopefully the kiddos will enjoy each other as well (kids that age are not very picky about new friends.) 

For me, the weekends tend to be low maintenance in terms of style and beauty (even more low maintenance than a work day, 'cuz I'm not all that high maintenance to begin with), I do still like to look pulled together and like I care, LOL.  My hair is getting really long (I do need a trim) and since I'm always busy with toddler all weekend, I'm always on the lookout for a cute style that also keeps my hair out of my face.  Braids are a great way to manage the tresses that looks like you put more effort in that you did.  We plan on taking the visitors to Santa Monica on Saturday, so I'm going to go with something like the look below, to keep strands tamed in the beach breeze.