Friday Favorites - Spring Sandals

Last year we were attending a friend's 30th birthday party at a trampoline park (yes, you read that right: 30th birthday at a trampoline park. SMH)  In addition to the trampoline dodge ball courts they had (on which we competed without much incident), they had assorted other activities, like jumping off a trampoline with a basketball to make a slam dunk and fall in a foam pit, and a Tarzan rope you could jump off an elevated block and swing out into a foam pit and fall.

I decided to try the later of those, and wanted to try to swing out as far as possible with a running start.  You can't get much of a running start on a 2x3 platform, so I decided I would run from the main surface, and just jump over the elevated platform on my way into the pit.  

Yeah. Right.

While the platform (it was more of just a big block) was low enough that I could clear it, being the ever-so-graceful person I am, I did NOT clear it, and smashed my baby toe on the block as I swung out into the pit.  

It's really a miracle I didn't break it.  I could have fractured it, I'll never know because we didn't go to the doctor for it. I could still move it, without much pain actually, but it was hugely swollen, and eventually 1/3 of my foot turned purple (then, green and yellow) from the bruise as it healed.  We iced it at the trampoline park and at home, where I proceeded to then kick the kitchen cupboard with the same toe.  It was a very bad day for me.

You may now be thinking, what does this have to do with sandals?  Well, here's the tie: because of my swollen/jammed toe, I could not wear any closed-toe shoes for months.  So I lived in my Dolce Vita sandals.  They were sleek and simple enough for the office (ordinarily not quite law office appropriate, but what is anyone going to say when they can see your fat foot?), and casual enough for the weekends.  I'm glad sandal season has returned (it actually never really goes away in southern California) and I'm having a hard time deciding.....