Friday Favorites - Spring Sandals

Friday Favorites - Spring Sandals

Last year we were attending a friend's 30th birthday party at a trampoline park (yes, you read that right: 30th birthday at a trampoline park. SMH)  In addition to the trampoline dodge ball courts they had (on which we competed without much incident), they had assorted other activities, like jumping off a trampoline with a basketball to make a slam dunk and fall in a foam pit, and a Tarzan rope you could jump off an elevated block and swing out into a foam pit and fall.

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Blue Belle

I'd never been to Arkansas before this recent family trip, and I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated.  Typically the weather in that region of the country tends to be what I consider a less desirable combination of heat and humidity than what we have in SoCal, but this year its almost more humid in LA than it was in AR, so I felt like it was easy to acclimate.

I knew what would be most comfortable would be sundresses, so I picked up a few new ones from Forever 21 - they've been killing it this summer with their adorable, totally affordable yet look-more-expensive-than-they-are styles.  This dress is one of my favorites.  With the off-the-shoulder style and my wide-brimmed hat, I felt like a southern belle.


You can find most of the exact items below.