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The Perfect Weekend Combo

This is a sponsored post - all opinions are my own.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  My husband worked both days, so it was mostly me and my little guy for the bulk of it, which is great, because he's one of my favorite people to spend time with. :)  It's not news to any other mother when I say that becoming a mom has been the most amazing yet hardest thing I have ever done.   My little guy is now 2 and some months, and every day there is a new wonder and accomplishment.  His sentences are getting longer, his comprehension more elaborate, his emotions and thoughts more complex.  He challenges me to be a better person because kids learn the best by example, and so I'm trying to behave (at least around him ;) ) like the person I want him to be.  

And now I fully appreciate the Mama Hustle, 'cuz that's exactly what life is now.  Especially since I work away from home and have limited time with him (and let me say for the record, that I have FULL respect for SAHMs -- they have honestly the hardest full time jobs.)  But because I have to be away from my little guy most of his waking hours of the weekdays, I feel like my hours with him at home have me running extra, to make sure I devote to him enough quality time while also completing the other home tasks that need to be done in the same windows of time (meal prep, housekeeping, laundry, pet care, etc.) My husband is great and helps a lot -- single parents are legit superheros in my book!

This is a typical weekend look for me (though the wedges are my 'dressed up' element; usually I'd be wearing this with sneakers or sandals for toddler chasing.)  I like to feel put together, even in casual looks, but I need the pieces to accommodate crawling around on the ground, running around, being tackled, piggyback rides, spills, etc.  Stretch jeans and a cute tee are a no-fail combo (though I admit the white is a risky color, LOL.)  This awesome Tee is by Fierce Mama Tees.  It is seriously one of the softest shirts I have ever owned, and it's true, I do "Love the Mama Hustle."  Fierce Mama Tees was founded by a SAH mama who wants to inspire love and laughter,  and remind moms to embrace the journey of motherhood with acceptance of ourselves and others.  I encourage you to stop by her shop and support a fellow mom who is trying to make a difference.  There are various messages, and they come in several colors. And did I mention? SO soft!

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