Friday Favorites - Spring Sandals

Friday Favorites - Spring Sandals

Last year we were attending a friend's 30th birthday party at a trampoline park (yes, you read that right: 30th birthday at a trampoline park. SMH)  In addition to the trampoline dodge ball courts they had (on which we competed without much incident), they had assorted other activities, like jumping off a trampoline with a basketball to make a slam dunk and fall in a foam pit, and a Tarzan rope you could jump off an elevated block and swing out into a foam pit and fall.

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Friday Favorites - Warm Weather Footwear

While I was hoping we'd have a bit more rain this spring, I don't think it's worth doing any more planning on that happening.  So, moving on and embracing the wonderful SoCal weather we're having is making me want to summerize my shoe collection (that's my new word: summer-ize, like it? :) )  And that means sandals.

friday favorites

Here are some of my favorite affordable finds (mentally adding to my closet as I type):