Marilyn Moment - Halter-neck Midi Dress

Polka-dot Dress Perfect for a Summer BBQ

Do you ever have those days where you think it's a day different than it is? Like it's a Monday and you think it's a Tuesday?  I usually have that happen with Thursday and Friday, thinking Thursday is Friday. That's always a bummer when you realize your error.  But this week it happened to me on Monday. I was thinking Monday was Tuesday, and if you follow me on Instagram you were teased that this look was coming here yesterday (and if you don't follow me, I'd love to have you!)  Sorry about that!  But here it is now!

This dress is so comfy and it fits so well (and less than $50!).  I like the high neck so you can move around (aka bend over and pick up your toddler) without flashing anyone, but you can still have a little fun showing skin with your shoulders bare.  'Course it would look equally cute with a white or red cardigan, don't you think?

But speaking of flashing, you do have to be attentive when wearing this on a breezy day.  There are slits on both sides of the skirt--not too high for regular movement and modesty--but on a breezy day (like the one we shot this on) the right gust could cause you to share a bit more of your outfit than you were planning.  So either wear cute undies, or look out! LOL

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