Marilyn Moment - Halter-neck Midi Dress

Marilyn Moment - Halter-neck Midi Dress

Polka-dot Dress Perfect for a Summer BBQ

Do you ever have those days where you think it's a day different than it is? Like it's a Monday and you think it's a Tuesday?  I usually have that happen with Thursday and Friday, thinking Thursday is Friday. That's always a bummer when you realize your error.  But this week it happened to me on Monday. I was thinking Monday was Tuesday, and if you follow me on Instagram you were teased that this look was coming here yesterday (and if you don't follow me, I'd love to have you!)  Sorry about that!  But here it is now!

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Blue Belle

I'd never been to Arkansas before this recent family trip, and I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated.  Typically the weather in that region of the country tends to be what I consider a less desirable combination of heat and humidity than what we have in SoCal, but this year its almost more humid in LA than it was in AR, so I felt like it was easy to acclimate.

I knew what would be most comfortable would be sundresses, so I picked up a few new ones from Forever 21 - they've been killing it this summer with their adorable, totally affordable yet look-more-expensive-than-they-are styles.  This dress is one of my favorites.  With the off-the-shoulder style and my wide-brimmed hat, I felt like a southern belle.


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