Office Stripes

Office Stripes

Ironically I'm posting an office outfit on a Monday that I'm not going to work.  My son is turning 2 this week, and we're taking him down to the San Diego Zoo to see the animals.  He's at the fun age where he is learning animals and the sounds they make ("What does a cow say?" "Mooo!")  Aside from dogs, cats, birds and squirrels, (oh, and the aquarium), my son has not seen any other animals in the flesh.  He is very fond of elephants and lions right now, so I'm hoping he finds them as awesome in person.  

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Wednesday Wishlist - Shirtdresses

I am all about those pieces that you can just grab and throw on but still look like you have a sense of style and tried a little.  Shirt dresses are like that.  Often basic so you can mix them up with various layers and accessories, but they still work on their own to just throw on and go.  I've rounded up some of my favorites for the fall season below.

Top to bottom, left to right:

  • Plaid is so in for fall, and I'm loving this shirtdress for it.  Also has pockets - score!!  Can't you see it with a denim jacket and booties?  Or what about a light colored cardigan and some suede OTK boots?
  • Starts out simple with a white shirtdress, then gets fun with the black neck tie.  Wear it with some black crop pants and pointy toe shoes to the office, or alone with strappy stilettos for an evening out.
  • This army/olive green is another hot color for fall, as well as the military styling.  I like the shape the self belt give it.
  • The pretty teal and white graphic pattern on this one is what caught my eye, as well as the feminine silhouette.  Perfect for the office, as well as casual weekend wear.  
  • How cute is the fringe on this one? It's like business on top, party on the bottom, LOL.  The contrast is fun and unexpected.
  • Can't go wrong with a classic neutral, and this one reminds me of Michael Kors styles I've seen without the MK price tag.
  • The black and white stripes and slim silhouette make this a flattering yet fun office look.  Also love the white collar and cuffs.
  • A bit more on the boho side, this one is very loose and comfy, with cute embroidered detailing along the hem.  And pockets again! Whoohoo! (also on significant sale.)
  • Another basic that would last from season to season, you can't go wrong with this denim shirt dress.  Button up front and belted waist, I see this with a felt fedora, plaid scarf and tall brown boots.
  • Speaking of Michael Kors, here he is.  This belted style has a retro feel about it, with it's full skirt and pleats.  Very feminine.
  • Love the mid-calf length of this one, and the dolman fit of the top with the hip-tie detailing.  Classic but different.
  • This one is so on-trend for the fall with the suede and the rich jewel tone.  It also comes in tall sizes for those who need a little extra length (that'd be me. :) )

Softest Sweater EVER

[Fall style - color block - fringe - sweater - booties]

Well, hello there, November.  Didn't see you coming.  Got preoccupied with little dude's first Halloween as a trick-or-treater.  I wasn't sure what to expect from him, but he seemed to have fun.

I was a little worried that the day was going to be off: we left to drive from LA to Orange County a little later in the morning than I'd hoped, and once you become a parent you understand the importance of planning travel around your child's energy level and nap times.  My son needs to take a good long nap mid day to make it to bedtime without a melt down, and that usually happens around noon.  However, if he has to sit in the car for longer than 20 minutes (which the drive to OC from LA is) he could possibly fall asleep for a mini-nap, and that will mess up his afternoon nap schedule. (Don't we all remember falling asleep during car rids as kids?) Well, that's what happened this time.  And he slept for only about 30 min, when we woke him up and then fed him donuts (Daddy had been wanting to try Sidecar Donuts).  So not only did he have a little refresher nap, but then we fed him sugary donut. Great parenting, LOL.

And it did indeed mess up his afternoon nap. Instead of noon to about 3p, he finally went down around 3:30.  But he slept til 5:30 (which on a normal day would mess up bedtime) but it actually worked out perfect for an unusual night of running around a neighborhood collecting candy from strangers, LOL.

 We dressed him in his Lakers sweatsuit to pretend he was a basketball player.  He doesn't understand the concept of costumes yet, so he wouldn't wear anything puffy or on his head.  He had his pumpkin bucket he kept a death grip on the whole evening, and he quickly figured out, by following his 5 year old cousin up to the doors, to hold his bucket out and people would give him things.  He could only say "treat" (of "trick or treat"), but that's the most important word anyway, right? :)

The weather had been warm this weekend, but when we were out trick-or-treating, it was perfect and cool.  I can tell fall is ALMOST here.  Which is good, because I want to wear this sweater everyday, it is SO soft and comfy.  It's only 3/4 sleeves, which works well for our quasi-fall temps in SoCal, and I love the colors.


This fringe bag is the perfect size, and while it's faux suede, it's really good quality, no one would be able to tell.   And if you read my bucket bag post from last week, you know that hands-free cross body straps are a necessity of mine with the little dude around.


The booties are very comfortable, but I found they run a little narrow so I sized up, and I love them.  I scored these at a Sole Society sample sale, but they're still available for regular purchase as well.


I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, and are ready to start the holiday countdown!!

Trying to catch up to his cousin

Trying to catch up to his cousin

He wasn't sure which was better, the candy or the big dog on the otherside of the gate. Or those pig figures on the porch, lol.

He wasn't sure which was better, the candy or the big dog on the otherside of the gate. Or those pig figures on the porch, lol.

Heading to the next house with his best bud, Grandpa.

Heading to the next house with his best bud, Grandpa.


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Wednesday Wishlist - Ponchos

Ponchos are seriously the best invention ever.  I mean, who doesn't love it idea of basically wearing a blanket, yet still looking cute and stylish?  Its a huge WIN WIN as far as I'm concerned.  I've rounded up some of my favorites out there right now, but you can basically walk in to any apparel retailer and find them.  'Tis the season. :) 

Top Row, L to R:
 -  The stripes and fringe on this one are so on point, and you can wear it with a long sleeve layer on a cold day, or as is on a slight warmer day.  Versatility is the name of the game!
 -  This poncho style blanket coat has 'blanket' in its name, so it must be snuggly.  Love that this one has pockets, come in handy to carry my keys when out walking the dog on a chilly morning.
-  You get two for one with this one, because it's reversible.  Although the plaid is so pretty, I probably rarely would. ;)

Second Row, L to R:
 -  Upon first glance this one appears basic, but with the cable knit and the darker accent trim its easy to see it dressed up or down.
 -  This one totally reminds me of the popular monogrammed Burberry capes that celebs have been been sporting, but without the price tag.
 -  You just can't go wrong with a camel colored basic.  Great fall color, goes with blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, pencil skirts, slacks....stop me, someone.  Umm, and you can't beat the price here.

Third Row, L to R:
 -  I just think the colors of this one are so pretty: the blush is on trend and it looks great with the lavender.  And the fringe and pom pom accent make it fun.
 -  A very work appropriate option.  Clean and chic.  Good as its own top, or as a top layer.
 -  Similar to the one in the row above that it reminds me of Burberry, this one comes in regular and petite, and has a faux leather trim around the edges.  

Bottom Row, L to R:  
 -  The pattern and colors of this one are cute, and I like the v-neck style.
 -  This one has a toggle front closure that helps it stay secure, and the colors are perfect for this season, with the maroon, grey and plum.  
 -  Another very affordable option in neutral tones, this just makes me want to curl up with some hot chocolate.

Happy Poncho wearing!!!

Sorta Almost Sweater Weather

Here we go.  I'm cheating.  It's too hot for a full sweater, so I'm pretending with a chunky sleeveless turtleneck.  You do what you gotta do, right?  

Sweater, similar  pants , similar shoes,  bag , sunnies, similar pendant necklace

Sweater, similar pants, similar shoes, bag, sunnies, similar pendant necklace

retro sunglasses old hollywood fall style
fall style chunky turtleneck retro shades