Wednesday Wishlist - Ponchos

Ponchos are seriously the best invention ever.  I mean, who doesn't love it idea of basically wearing a blanket, yet still looking cute and stylish?  Its a huge WIN WIN as far as I'm concerned.  I've rounded up some of my favorites out there right now, but you can basically walk in to any apparel retailer and find them.  'Tis the season. :) 

Top Row, L to R:
 -  The stripes and fringe on this one are so on point, and you can wear it with a long sleeve layer on a cold day, or as is on a slight warmer day.  Versatility is the name of the game!
 -  This poncho style blanket coat has 'blanket' in its name, so it must be snuggly.  Love that this one has pockets, come in handy to carry my keys when out walking the dog on a chilly morning.
-  You get two for one with this one, because it's reversible.  Although the plaid is so pretty, I probably rarely would. ;)

Second Row, L to R:
 -  Upon first glance this one appears basic, but with the cable knit and the darker accent trim its easy to see it dressed up or down.
 -  This one totally reminds me of the popular monogrammed Burberry capes that celebs have been been sporting, but without the price tag.
 -  You just can't go wrong with a camel colored basic.  Great fall color, goes with blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, pencil skirts, slacks....stop me, someone.  Umm, and you can't beat the price here.

Third Row, L to R:
 -  I just think the colors of this one are so pretty: the blush is on trend and it looks great with the lavender.  And the fringe and pom pom accent make it fun.
 -  A very work appropriate option.  Clean and chic.  Good as its own top, or as a top layer.
 -  Similar to the one in the row above that it reminds me of Burberry, this one comes in regular and petite, and has a faux leather trim around the edges.  

Bottom Row, L to R:  
 -  The pattern and colors of this one are cute, and I like the v-neck style.
 -  This one has a toggle front closure that helps it stay secure, and the colors are perfect for this season, with the maroon, grey and plum.  
 -  Another very affordable option in neutral tones, this just makes me want to curl up with some hot chocolate.

Happy Poncho wearing!!!