Friday Favorites - Easter Dresses under $100

Easter is a little over a week away, and while the point of the holiday is obviously to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus,  I have to admit I always look forward to getting a new Easter dress.  I remember as a kid it was a fun day when Mom would say we were going Easter dress shopping.  And how excited I would be to wake up on Easter morning and put on my pretty new dress that had been hanging in my closet untouched awaiting this day (after scoping out what the Easter bunny left us in our baskets, of course. ;) )  Easter dresses to me are floral and colorful and something you feel feminine and pretty in.

Whether you celebrate the Christian element of Easter or not, many people still regard this holiday as the marker that Spring has arrived!  Everyone loves dresses for spring.  I've gathered below some of my favorite spring dresses that are floral and colorful and something I'd feel pretty in, and are all under $100!

Do you have a favorite?