Classic Blue and White

The perfect off-shoulder top, and how to wear culottes.

So did anyone have any bloopers with the time change this past weekend?  You know they made daylight savings time on the weekend because so many people would be late (or early, depending on Spring or Fall) if it was a weekday.  I'm not a fan of losing an hour of sleep, but I do like having more light left in the day when I get off work.  My husband actually works on the weekends, and he set his clock ahead before going to sleep on Saturday night not knowing that his clock had an auto-adjust for DST, and his alarm went off at 4a instead of 5a.  That makes losing an hour even worse!  Fortunately the time change didn't throw the little man's schedule off, but the dog thinks its time for dinner an hour earlier than it is.

This whole looks (minus the Kate Spade bag) is less than $100.  I'm loving the culotte trend right now, because they have the look and feel of a skirt, with the ease of wear of pants.  (Especially good when chasing a toddler around. :) ) And you can dress them up or down with a variety of tops and shoes.  I think this would look equally cute with some espadrille wedges and a tank top.  (BTW, this exact pair is now $6!!)


I'm always a fan of blue and white, and this top had me at first sight.  It is light and flowy, and great for the warmer weather that is coming, and I think it would look equally cute with some skinny white jeans or cutoffs.  I belted it here to give some shape to an otherwise very billowy look.  


These heels are less than $30 and come in like 5 colors.  I need them all. They are easy to walk in, they don't rub, and simple ankle straps are classics that never go out of style.