Soaring Temps

This weekend was rather warm in SoCal.  I heard that 26 heat records were broken this weekend around the south land.  I drove from LA to OC Saturday morning to my parent's house, and there seemed an unusual number of vehicles on the road for that time of day. I think people were getting up and out early and heading to the beach. It was great beach weather. We made it wading pool weather.  KJ's cousins came over and helped with the splashing. 


Unfortunately, the day temp was high, and so was my little boy's. Having a sick baby on a hot day is extra not fun. Silver lining was that we had A/C and he was taking fluids all day.  And by Sunday afternoon he seemed to be returning to himself.

The temps are predicted high again today, but tomorrow things are supposed to get back down to 'normal'.  But this little heat wave is a reminder that summer is around the corner, so with that in mind I've compiled a few hot weather must-haves:

  1. Misting Spray - this comes in purse size, and there are various other brands out there as well with extra ingredients like botanicals that are good for your skin.  The water sprays out in the finest mist, and keeping this handy and giving your face and neck a light mist will help keep your skin hydrated in the heat, as well and cool you off as it evaporates.
  2. Sunscreen - this one is a no-brainer in the sun.  But we're also advised to wear sunscreen on a daily basis.  What I love about this brand is a couple things: I love the big pump-size bottle, that I can just keep on the counter and apply after my morning shower with my body lotion; I love that it applies like body lotion and absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you white or greasy; I love that it is lightly scented and doesn't leave you smelling like sunscreen; I love that it has antioxidants in it and none of the bad stuff.
  3. Sunhat - goes along with #2 above.  Sun exposure is a major cause of skin aging, which it seems we're always fighting.  Wearing a hat with a wide brim obviously protects your face from the sun's rays.  But wide-brimmed hats aren't particularly compact and easy to keep handy.  Also, they usually prohibit a pony tail or any hair style that keeps your hair off your neck.  This style is so great, in that it rolls up into about the size of a soda can, so you can tuck it in bags, and it is open on top, so you can wear a ponytail or bun and keep your hair off your neck at the same time.
  4. Cool treat for mom - Hot weather can make everyone irritable, and patience run thin.  This cool, simple, refreshing Reisling Strawberry 'slushie' can help mom 'chill out'.
  5. Cool treat for the kiddos - and while mom is sipping her slushie, the kiddies can have a healthy fruit "Pina Colada Pops": Blend and freeze the following ingredients: 1 can pineapple chunks, in juice; 1 banana; 1 can coconut milk; 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

What are your favorite hot weather cool downs?