Thankful Thursday

Image borrowed from  Daily Cup of Couture,  via Pinterest

Image borrowed from Daily Cup of Couture, via Pinterest

I have to confess, sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) I have to consciously remind myself to be thankful for all I have.  It's so easy to get mentally consumed with the "wants" and "needs" and take for granted everything we already have.  I know I'm not alone with this; in fact I think our consumer/materialistic/celebrity-obsessed society perpetuates this mentality of never being satisfied with what you have.  Especially in this town.

On the one hand, striving for more can be a good thing: it's a motivator for improving ourselves and our conditions.  But if we let that be our sole focus, we miss out on appreciating and enjoying all that we really do have (and if you're reading this, you have a lot. It's all perspective.)  So I'm going to try to continue to increase my awareness of all the things I do have, and be consciously appreciative of them.  They may seem silly or hardly worth the mention, but that's exactly the point.  So many people have so little. We are so blessed to have whatever we do have.

I encourage you to do the same in your life.  It will make you happier.

Three Things I'm Thankful For Today:

1.    That I live in a dog-friendly neighborhood that is safe to walk my dog and toddler in every morning.

shady sidewalk

2.    That I can treat myself, when I want to, to yummy pastries. (I may have to try this recipe.)

Image borrowed from  love, pomegranate house   

Image borrowed from love, pomegranate house


3.  That I can start every day off with 5 minutes to myself in a hot shower.  (I would stand in there longer if I could, but we're in a drought and my toddler awaits.  What I get is good enough.)

hot shower.jpg

What little things in life are you thankful for?