Fall Cape and Cozy Dress

I have my hot beverage steaming before me right now (green tea this time), and I'm so happy we're having some cool weather finally!  We're already into November, which means I need to get my brain in to holiday gear, and it's so hard to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas when you're still splashing in the pool on the weekends (I know, SoCal life is tough ;) ).

This dress is like the softest thing ever (I know I said that about this sweater - it might be a tie), and cute belted or not.  I can see myself wearing it so many ways.


The poncho/cape, whatever you want to call it, is not too thick or heavy, and I love the colors of the plaid (comes in 3 plaids and a solid).  Will look cute with jeans and a turtleneck as well.  If I still lived in the world of attending Friday night football games, this would be a perfect piece. ;)


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