Holiday Party Style v.1

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My life is so glamorous right now.  This is evidenced by the fact that the new word my son has learned this week is "boogers."  (Are you picking up on the fact that first sentence was sarcasm?;) ) Yeah, we've got a serious cold going on in the body of a little person who doesn't know how to blow his nose yet (or even how to blow when you tell him to) and a steady flow of snot running down his face.  Which is a vicious cycle, because the snot flow upsets him so he cries about it ("Mommy! Boogers!", pointing to his nose), and the crying causes more snot.  Not to mention the use of the bulb sucker that suctions the snot out but upsets him so much I think twice as much is created in its place.  Like I said, life is glamorous right now. 


You may recognize this dress from the Battington Lashes post (did you enter the contest?), but I loved the dress so much and you can't really see it in full in those images, so I wanted to take some complete look shots.  I'm really loving the red in the gray surroundings (no, I didn't edit out the BG colors, that's what it looks like.)  The dress is less than $70 and the shoes (sorry, no good shots, but you can see them in this post) are less than $30, so you can do the math, this is totally affordable.


The dress is so stunning (it fits so comfortably and while it looks fitted, is very loose, stretching fabric to fit any shape nicely), I didn't do much with my makeup or accessories (though a small, metallic clutch matching my shoes would have been a good add).


Ok, back to real life now.  There is snot calling to me.....