Feeling Pretty

[Fall Style - Holiday Style - Maxi Skirt - Pleated Skirt - Lace top]


Top: H&M; Skirt: c/o SingleDress; shoes: Target, belt: similar

I was contemplating last night the issue of outgrowing one's dreams.  Not that you outgrow them and they are no longer your dreams, but that your physical growth - either in size or age - makes your dreams no longer plausible for you.  For example: I have always loved horses. When I was very young, I wanted a job that let me ride horses for a living. I wanted to be a horse jockey.  Then I grew to be 5'11", and clearly there is no way that specific dream could be a reality.  Fortunately, it was also a dream I outgrew in that I no longer wanted to be a jockey by the time I was 5'11", so that worked itself out. 

But what about the dreams that are best accomplished by and in our youth - but we don't achieve them then?  We can't deny that most dreams that are reliant upon being at our physical peak need to be achieved early on: 40 years old is OLD for a professional athlete or model.  The former it makes scientific sense: our bodies have energy and strength peaks and then they just naturally degrade (for lack of a better word.)  But it need not be true for the latter, because there is still much beauty in age, and since we all do it, it should not be something negative.  

But since our society does highly value youth, if you have a dream in which your likelihood of achieving success is much more plausible when you're in your 20s, if you don't succeed in your 20s, how long do you keep at it before it just is not a realistic dream anymore?  There are always exceptions that help keep hope alive in us.  I'm just contemplating how to reconcile living in reality with also not giving up on your dreams.  Because you also don't want to miss out on the great things your real life have for you while chasing your dream life.  Not sure if I'm making any sense. Thanks for humoring me. :)

And on a fashion-related note: I'm so loving this skirt! It's from a local Los Angeles boutique, but available on their website.  It is long enough (on me that's a real accomplishment!) and flowy (and lined, which is good) and I can't help but feel pretty and feminine in it. Basically like a princess. :) And while baby blue isn't typically thought of as a holiday color, paired with white lace and silver accessories I feel like I stepped out of Frozen  or The Chronicles of Narnia, LOL.  (The skirt comes in white and black too if you'd rather, and it's on sale!!)

Hoping you have a wonderful week and that you find happiness in exactly what have and are doing, and success in your dream chasing.