Off-Shoulder Top and Cut-Out Booties

A Casual Day Look

I do sometimes wish I lived a life that required me to dress up more on a daily basis (and I don't mean "nice" office attire, I mean fashionable dresses and ensembles.) I mean, for example, I have to remind myself that there's things about Princess Kate's life that I probably would not enjoy compared to my existence (there are things, aren't there? I hear the constant media attention and scrutiny gets old...but they seem to have a pretty good privacy balance lately....I dunno, with all the perks, um, I think I could deal, right? LOL)

This is a casual weekend look I wore to my niece's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  The top can actually be worn on the shoulders as well, which was good for bending over and carrying my son as we played games and explored the venue, but then later in the day got a little dressier with earrings and the off-shoulder look.


I'm in love with this bag. The multi-tones means it goes with practically everything, and it's a great size.  Not too big, but big enough for my stuff and the extra mom stuff that is a must these days (seriously, if we're out and someone needs a tissue, they are aghast if I don't actually have any. Big bags are a catch 22: you have to carry everything because you have a bag big enough and you have to have a bag big enough because you have to have everything!