Custom Retro Style by EShakti

When I was a kid, the channel AMC (now home to original programming like "The Walking Dead") was known for playing classic oldie movies (after all, "AMC" stands for American Movie Classics). Being the cinema lover that I was, I loved watching the old Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara films.  There's just something about those Hollywood golden years, and the beautiful, feminine style of the 40's and 50's.  I always loved the women in their dresses (although I didn't envy the girdles you know they were wearing underneath to get their trim little waists.)  

I love that midi length and full skirts and once again considered a style of today, and while I think many people use the tern retro to describe the look, it is still a very modern style.  However, the problem I tend to have with dresses with defined shape is that I'm taller than average, and the proportions of mass produced clothing tend to be for someone shorter than me.  So the waist of a dress off the rack does not sit at my actual waist, but rather just under my rib cage.  And skirts that should be below the knee are not so much.  I'm sure if you're shorter than average, you have the reverse problem.

So I was so excited to be introduced to is a woman's apparel site that will custom build their items to your specifications.  While you can just simply buy their items with their standard proportions, you can also chose pieces that you like and submit your personal measurements with the order and they will tailor your piece for your body.  In addition to the custom proportions, you can also customize certain elements of your chosen style: they offer varied sleeve length, varied skirt length, varied necklines, pockets or none, etc. 

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When I was first introduced, I thought how great, but that can't be cheap.  But I was so surprised to see that their pieces are very reasonably priced, and it's only a few dollars more for the custom build.  They have a very large selection (albeit mostly dresses with a modern retro feel, but also tops and skirts, some pants and jumpsuits, and they seem to regularly introduce new styles.)  And they are quick too: I had my dress in less than two weeks.  They have a small bridal section, and seriously, I wish I'd known about this site when I got married, because I would have had them make my dress and it would have fit me perfectly and cost me several hundred less than the dress I did wear (this would have been perfect for my Maui wedding.)


I had a lot of fun browsing their site, and it was hard to decide what dress to try - too many were cute! I'm very pleased with the quality as well.  If you go the custom route, be sure to follow their measuring instructions and get someone to help you so you get accurate measurements.  But it only takes about 5 minutes to do, and then you're set!  Anyone who has trouble finding perfectly fitting off-the-rack items should check them out (their sizes go all the way up to 5X-32W!)  So enjoy!! 


You can learn more about here and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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