Friday Favorites - Forever 21

Forever 21 has really stepped up their game lately.  I've been visiting them more in the past several years since they added the Love21 line, which was aimed at a -- how shall I say it? -- post-highschool/post-college aged shopper.  The sizing of those items is more real, less tiny (so why can't everything be sized real? I digress....)  They recently renamed the Love21 shop to Contemporary, and in addition the chic-ness of their offerings seems to have gone up.  Honestly, I think I could completely replace my entire closet with their items right now.  While the quality isn't the same, I can imagine finding some of these styles in Anthropologie or BCGG, don't you think?

Here are few of my favorites for the summertime:


Any you'd like to add to your own closet?

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