Get your "Happy Clothes" On

Well, it's here. May has arrived.  Which means we have about a month and a half until it's officially Summer.  But if you live in Southern California, or other regions of the western US, you've already started dressing for those summer days. Because it was 90 degrees in Los Angeles yesterday!

Swimsuit weather is around the corner!

And warm weather means swimsuits.  And swimsuits mean wishing you'd kept with that New Year's resolution to work out more or eat healthier.  Well, its not too late! It's never too late to start a good thing.

To stay motivate to take care of yourself, wear "happy clothes."

To get yourself motivated, here's a place to start right now that can have an immediate effect: Dressing thinner.  Wear "happy clothes."  What? I know. Let me explain.  Motivation to make fitness or health changes comes from within.  Friends and family can yammer on, but not until we can feel motivated from ourselves will we take action.  Clothing can be a motivator: when you put on something that makes you feel good, feel confident, you are more likely to take care of yourself.  So "happy clothes" are personal to you, and are whatever makes you feel good about yourself: bright colors, a certain pair of jeans,  etc.

But stay away from leggings!! (as everyday wear. Gym wear is acceptable.)  I know, they are so comfortable and easy.  But think about it: comfortable and easy does not a swimsuit body make.  And they're doing you a disservice.  The stretch in leggings makes it easy for you to not notice creeping weight gain.

The first step to taking better care of yourself is WANTING to take better care of yourself.  And its not too late to make improvements before swimsuit weather officially sets in.

Ok. I'm off to do some lunges.....