Get Ye To Bloglovin'

If you are an avid reader of numerous blogs, you probably already know about Bloglovin'.  If you aren't let me introduce you.  Bloglovin' is a site and an app that consolidates all your favorite blogs into one place, so you don't have to go to each individual page to check the latest updates. Because while there are a lot of cute sites and interesting content out there, lets be real: no one has time to go through them all and visit them all everyday.  With this site/app, you just log in to your Bloglovin' account, and your customized feed will show you the current posts from your favorite bloggers, and you can see everything all in one place.


You can save specific posts as favorites, and Bloglovin' will even make suggestions for you based on your current likes.  You can set your preferences and have them send you an email as frequently as you like with the updates so you don't have to remember to check (or you can glance over quickly to see if anything is of interest that day.)  I use Bloglovin' as a resource daily, I recommend it you too.  

Click the link below to start following me on Bloglovin' or to get set up and started.  Welcome!!

Everyday Stilettos