Friday Favorites - Check these out


Another TGIF has arrived.  For everyone headed to Coachella this weekend, have fun and be safe and stay hydrated (supposed to be in the 90s).  For the rest of us, have fun and be safe as well doing whatever fun your weekend holds.  And if you have a few minutes to browse the web, may I introduce you to a few blogs that I enjoy on a regular basis (I check them out pretty much every day as part of my Bloglovin' feed.)

  • Lace and Locks - by Kim Le.  This is a fun one for me to follow and share because Kim Le is a girl I know from high school.  She is now a super talented  wedding/engagement/boudoir photographer and an entrepreneur, with her own online boutique and this style blog for petite women.  I'm about a foot taller than her, so we're dressing for different body types, but I totally appreciate her sense of style and she has great taste.
  • J's Everyday Fashion - by "J".  This style blog is for most of us. Most of us have budgets, very practical, less than even 3-digit budgets.  Even with 20% off sales, most of us can't afford a $500 dress.  J takes high fashion/deisnger looks and styles her own version with affordable pieces, and she shows how she keeps to her budget and invests in versatile pieces.
  • Style by Emily Henderson - by Emily Henderson.  If you ever watch HGTV then you might recognize the adorable Emily Henderson.  She has a great home makeover show that I loved.  She has a fun personality and it comes through in her design.  Her blog is fun and inspires my home décor ideas.

And to wrap up the week, a flashback Friday image to make you smile from exactly one year ago: silly faces with mom and a bald Little Dude.