How to Wear Casual Sequins - Holiday Style v3

[Sequin dress - holiday style - gray sweater]

I bought a new throw for our living room sofa recently, and it is the softest thing ever.  Seriously, I wish I could just wear it around all day.  Being in comfy, cozy clothes makes me feel relaxed, even if what I'm doing isn't relaxing.  Sweater season makes me happy for this reason -- there are so many cozy sweaters out there.  

I like to pair pieces that have a little contrast in one way or another. I feel like it makes an outfit more visually interesting.  A sequin mini-dress is a flashy piece, not an item I'd typically consider casual.  A cashmere, over-size cocoon sweater is exactly casual.  The sweater makes the look more "Me", and I think more wearable as a casual look.  Also, I think its important to balance the amount of skin you show (if you care about staying classy and not trashy.)  If your skirt is short, cover your arms.  If you're strapless, skimpy on top, cover more leg.


My shoes are actually a couple years old, but I rarely ever wear them. I almost got rid of them recently, but I'm glad I didn't because I knew they were exactly what I wanted to wear with this look.  I've found a similar pair though.