Friday Favorites - Cold Weather Accessories

Cold weather is more fun for outfitting than warm/hot weather.  I mean, I definitely love having some skin exposed in the warm months, but realistically, when it's 90+ degrees outside, you are going to limit your layers and accessories, because sweat is not a good look on anyone.  Sundress, sun hat, shades, sandals - done.

When the temperatures drop, you have layer options galore: sweaters and vests and jackets and coats, hats and muffs and scarfs and gloves.  Below I've rounded up some of my favorite 'cherry' pieces: like the cherry on a sundae, they are the final pieces to your cold weather look. (Yeah, I just came up with that, LOL. But it works, doens't it? ;) )

For Your Head

For Your Neck

For Your Hands