Holiday Style v4 - Office Party

[Holiday Style - Office Party - Pencil Skirt - Turtleneck]

We had our office holiday party on Friday.  It was the nicest one they've thrown since I've worked here: they actually rented a penthouse ballroom at Le Meridian in Santa Monica and had catering and music and open bar.  It had been a beautiful, clear day, and we were able to see a stunning sunset.  They did a raffle and gave out some gift cards, and we were able to mingle with many of our co-workers we never actually have opportunity to talk to during office hours. 

Holiday parties for work can be a little tricky to dress for.  California tends to be pretty relaxed when it comes to office attire, but for the most part, that still doesn't mean you should wear your clubbing attire to a work function, even if it's a party.  It is possible to look festive and fun, while still respectful.  This look is a lot of fun with the color and sparkle, but not too short and not revealing.   I'm always a fan of fitted turtleneck sweaters, I think they are stylish and flattering, and I love the color this one, with it's metallic stripes.  


It was love at first sight with this skirt - you can never go wrong with a pencil skirt, and the colors and pattern are such fun, and it has a little bit of shimmer that makes it perfect for a party.

*note: I felt like both these pieces ran a size small, so I would size up when ordering.*