A Casual Look

[Fall Style - Casual Friday - Fall Sweater - Layering]

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone!  Hope you don't find yourself switching bodies with your parents or anything else wacky. ;)

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@edstilettos), you know that we spent most of the last week celebrating my son's birthday.  He turned 2.  We said that after his first birthday we weren't going to do planned parties for a while, because honestly, until they understand what's going on, the parties are really for the adults.  So we decided to do something fun that he would enjoy, just the 3 of us, and we took him to the San Diego Zoo on Monday.  BUT we had to stop at Grandma and Grandpa's on the way to San Diego to drop off the dog, so of course we had to have a birthday dinner with them (including cake and presents).  And then his actual birthday was Wednesday, so of course we had to do something on the day of, so we went to the Santa Monica pier (we saw a dolphin and went on a ride) and then dinner with Grammy and Pop at Twinkle Twinkle Kids Cafe, and then home for more cake and presents. So obviously it turned out to be a low key birthday. ;)

fall style sweater casual style layers

I love shopping at Banana Republic because it is tied to Gap and Old Navy, so you can have one order from all 3 at the same time.  And all three have great classic pieces that fit well (for me they carry Tall length!) and are good quality, and they have great sales.  I found this sweater on sale at BR and it is so soft and cozy.  It's a classic shape and style, but with a little fun twist with the overlapped front.  I've been looking for some gray jeans, and these fit perfect, with the right amount of stretch, and are on sale as well (less than $60).


It's really weird that in some light my hair photographs so red - because I look in the mirror and I am a brunette.  But I'm coordinated with my bag in these pics, so I guess it works. LOL