It's Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Fall

Hope you had a good weekend. Here we are at Monday again. I'm thinking about starting a petition to make weekends 3 days instead of 2.  Anyone interested in signing?

So I actually woke up one night this weekend because I was cold, and had to pull the blanket up (we've just been sleeping with a sheet on, because it's been so hot.)  It was a nice feeling.  I also woke up to the sound of rain outside at 2am on Sunday, and while it had stopped by the time the sun came up, it left us with a cool and fall-like day.  I would have lounged in my PJs for half the day, if I could have (lounging in any capacity happens very rarely these days. You know, with the toddler and all.)  We did have about an hour of family snuggles that morning watching Baby Einstein in mommy and daddy's bed though.  ;)  Overall, the weekend was good (mommy and daddy we able to go out TWO nights in a row, the first in ages.)  

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