OTK Boho

[Over the Knee Boots - Paisley Dress - Fedora - Fall Style]

I'm sorry that I've failed you.  I don't have a Halloween post for you this year.  I failed to even get my son a Halloween costume, but in fairness, he's not even 2 yet and doesn't really understand what Halloween is or get the concept of costumes, so he's no into it. We got him this ridiculously cute shark hat to wear, thinking "he's really into sharks, he'll love this", but alas, he doesn't even like it when Mommy or Daddy wears it!  It's amazing how opinionated they are with only a couple years of life under their belts.

So I think we're just going to put his Lakers warm-up suit on and take his basketball and he can be Laker, class of 2033  (maybe it's foreshadowing ;) ).  I'm curious to see if he even likes the concept of Trick-or-treating (he's not going to get to eat the candy, so we won't be at it very long.)  I'll let you know next week how he fared.

So while I've always loved the look, I've never owned any Over the Knee boots before.  Being taller than average, OTK boots on me are often just regular length.  But I wanted to try again, and these grey suede ones are great.  The heel is a comfortable height, and they were actually over my knee.  They're not two tone, as some of the images make them appear, it was just the lighting.


The dress is like wearing a comfy shirt and very forgiving (what big meal?  I didn't eat a big meal.;) ) and while it's a little shorter than I'm used to on a daily basis (again, I'm taller than average: 5'11") with the OTK boots, I didn't feel like I was showing too much skin.  I really liked the colors and pattern.


We tried to get creative for you and shoot some of the LA skyline from the roof, but even at 9:30 in the morning, the sun was intense and it was hot.  We couldn't work up there very long, but for the effort wanted to share some of those images as well.

Fee-fi-fo-fum! ;)

Fee-fi-fo-fum! ;)


Exact items below, except the vest, which was a purchase from the Gap years ago.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!!