Spring Sampling

What to Wear When it's Summer Weather in the Winter

Happy Washington's Birthday,  National Margarita Day and Full Moon!  Who knew February 22 was such a party day? LOL  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was busy but good. Quality time with loved ones always makes the days good, regardless of the activities.  For some reason my son woke up at 5:45a on Saturday morning (then slept in until 6:45 today, go figure) so my weekend started early.  We got out of the house early to get the car washed (our car came with free car washes for life when we bought it a little over a year ago) only to find out that the dealer has cancelled that perk due to the California drought.  Can't argue with that, really, we are all trying to do our part to save water, but I'm not going to drive around with a dirty car forever, so it's not really saving water, because I'm going to still get it washed.  I wish there were something else besides water we could use to clean things.  Sorry, I'm rambling.... LOL

On to the outfit: this dress I just thought was so darling, and would you believe it's less than $25?!!  I love all off-shoulder styles, and this  but sometimes I find that they don't want to stay put when I actually move around in them (we can't just stand around like mannequins all day), but this one totally says put.  The band at the waist is lace, and the fabric is light and cool (though a little thin. I wear a half slip underneath.)  The weather was close to 90 when we shot these (thus the ponytail) and I was very comfortable and cool.


I found this rose pink tote at Target that was a perfect match, and the perfect size bag, IMO.  I'm a big fan of versatile bags that can be worn cross body or with handles.   And my husband gifted me with this gorgeous gold pearl watch by MVMT for Valentine's Day, which I have worn every day since.