Valentine's Casual Style

Wasn't it nice having Valentine's Day on a 3-day weekend?  Worked out especially well for me and my hubby, since he actually had to work most of the day on the 14th, so we celebrated Valentine's Day on the 15th.  We did lunch and a movie (we're able to have the grandparent's babysit) and it was nice to just have a day date together.  

Even though we didn't have plans on the 14th, and I was just at my parent's house hanging out and playing with my son, I wanted to feel a little festive, so this is the look I threw on.  The top I've had for several years (from Express) and I love it for its bright color and being wearable like a t-shirt but being cuter than a basic.  Paired it with some new distressed white skinny jeans (brave, I know, when you're chasing a toddler around) and a contrasting shade of pink bag and I was a walking Valentine for the day. :)  

valentines day

If you celebrated the day or not, I hope you had a lovely weekend.