Camo & Lace

Want to lose 6 pounds over night? Get a stomach virus. Yeah, its been a fun past 3 days in our house: Wednesday night little man started throwing up, and after being home sick with him 2 days, Mommy had her turn.  Its just the beginning.  Having kids is the best and worst thing for your immune system: you get immune to everything after you get infected by everything, LOL. I worked for several years at a day care, and after being perpetually sick for about 3 months, I very rarely got sick again for a long while. But germs evolve over the years, so those immunities are no longer effective.  So now we're starting over.

Despite it seems like everyone is busting out their fall clothes, weather in Los Angeles is still anything but.  We had a freak rainstorm this past week, which seemed like the culmination of gross heat and humidity we'd been having. Once the storm passed, we'd had very pleasant weather.  Perfect for an outfit like this one, I'll be pulling out for the weekend.