Hoping for some sun

Wonky weather in LA lately. Warm enough for sundresses, but not all that much sun.  Put on this light little dress in the hopes the sun will come out, and I can get my vitamin D fix for the day.

First time I wore this dress was for my husband's Grandpa's 90th birthday party last week, which was why we had gone to Arkansas.  I was initially a little concerned about the security of the top and straps - I didn't want to have to worry about keeping my top up while chasing my toddler around. But the style is very secure.  Didn't have to adjust a strap once.  And trust me, I did a lot of running around. (Oh, and the Electric Slide.)


It's a dress that you can't help but feel pretty and feminine in.  I envision wearing it dancing on some hot night in resort in Latin America (not that I've ever been dancing at a resort in Latin America, but in my imagination it works!  Give me some retro waves and a flower behind my ear....can you see it?)


You can snag the dress for yourself below - it's less than $20!

Now counting down the hours til the long weekend begins....do you have fun plans you're looking forward to?