Kimono in the Woods

I've been meaning to, and hopefully this is the start, post more outfit pictures on the blog.  I'm good about it on Instagram, but those are selfies, and I can't get as many variety of shots.  

Here's a look I packed for a recent trip to Arkansas. I'd never been to Arkansas before, and was expecting (from checking my weather app) warm weather with humidity.  Perfect for sundresses. And we were going to be seeing family (the trip was for my husband's grandpa's 90th birthday party) as well as trying to squeeze in some sight seeing of the country, so I wanted to be cool but comfortable and still look put together.  


I love the mixed patterns of this dress. It looks like a wrap dress, but its not, just a pull over. Light cotton fabric and kimono sleeves kept me cool (though I should have taken the pictures before I sat in the dress and got it wrinkly - sorry!) I paired it with my Dolce Vita sandals (that are about the only shoes i can wear right now because of a jammed baby toe) and brought my light scarf for an extra layer, just in case (just in case of what, I don't know, because even at night it was never cooler than 70 degrees).  And to minimize and simplify my travel items, I only brought my one white bag, that was multi-purpose purse, diaper bag, lunch bag, shopping bag, etc.


We rented a small house in a wooded area, so we could have a separate room for our Little Dude. Everything was/is so green and fresh.  Not the same as drought-ridden SoCal.  


And of course had my sun hat.  Have to have the sun protection. And this is a great one to travel with, because it rolls up and fits in a suitcase easily, and can be be reshaped and adjusted with ease.


And I added a tassel and pearl necklace for a finishing touch.

We had a beautiful day, and fun family time.  If you're ever in Northern Arkansas, I recommend visiting the Crystal Bridges American History Museum.  Its open everyday except Tuesday, and admission is free to all (thanks to the Walton family.) A great collection of American art, showcased in a beautiful, new and modern complex, surrounding a small lake, with beautiful outdoor grounds to explore as well.