6pm Shoes - My Wishlist

A girl can never have too many shoes.  Ok, so that's not really true, but I have yet to encounter the time when I felt like I have too many.  One pair of shoes can go with so many things.  And a fun pair can totally transform an outfit.  Say you're wearing jeans and a T: basic, could be boring.  Throw on some sneakers and run your errands, nothing special.  But swap the sneaks for some strappy, sassy heels for a dinner or an evening out and you've got a stylish look.

A shoe habit can get very expensive though. While you don't want to skimp too much, because your feet will pay with blisters and aches, after a certain price point, the cost of many shoes is just inflated. I have not found any more comfort in a pair of $600 Manolos than I do in a $80 Nine West.  A 4-inch heel is a 4-inch heel.

So I'm always on the hunt for quality shoes at as affordable a price as possible (because then you can buy more!) One of my favorite sites for a wide selection of discount shoes is 6pm.com.   If you don't know them, check the site out.  They also have some clothing and accessories, but their shoe and handbag selections are the best.  Regularly you can find brand names at 30-50% off, but sometimes it even goes up to 70-80% off.  Men's, women's and children's.  They have free shipping on all orders, and their customer service is very good.

This is my current 6pm.com wishlist, and they're all (except one) under $50:

Those should get me through the summer, don't you think? ;)