Friday Favorites - IG Accounts

friday favorites instagram

I've been spending a bit more time on Instagram lately, as I've been trying to keep my account tied to my blog active an interesting.  This has led me to stumble upon some great accounts that have been fun to follow.  They aren't the most popular with tens of thousands of followers, so unless you get lucky and stumble upon them like I did, you may never know they exist.  Which is why I'm sharing here. :)


Eric Rubens  IG: erubes1

Eric is an amazing photographer (and his website says he's only 20-something.)  I had to basically go Eenie-meenie-minee-mo to chose which pics to share here, because they're all just so awesome.


Ed Sternink  IG: edsternink

Ed's IG account says he's an Art Director, and his good eye is evident.  His takes a mix of urban images and nature images.  His pictures capture things you would likely overlook in your everyday, and gives you a chance to stop and appreciate.

Interior Decor

Interior Obsessed  IG: interior.obsessed

I am always on the lookout for interior décor inspiration.  This account is daily inspiration for a design/organization company devoted to the greater Bellingham-Seattle, WA area.  I like their taste.


IN House Idea  IG: inhouseidea

An eclectic collection of decorating ideas.

Quotes & Inspiration

IG: onecrazyc00kie

I don't know anything about the creator of this site, but I do like their message: Be the change you wish to see in the world.  This account shares inspiring/motivating quote images from around the web.


Kara Oropallo  IG:

Kara's profile says she is a: Producer, feminist, wino, and mother spreading bits of positivity, hilarity, and reality from the heart of LA.  She shares positive messages along with the occasional baby pic of her new son.

I hope you find some/all of these as enjoyable as I do.  And I hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.