Happy Friday - I hope you have something fun/memorable/adventurous planned for the weekend.  They are predicting that beautiful, 70+ degree, sunny weather that makes all the east coasters who are freezing right now want to pick up and move west.  I plan to get out with the little dude and enjoy it (and him) as much as possible.

The shifting weather (though I hope we still have more rain to come, we need it. April showers, right?) has me thinking about updating my wardrobe.  We have had some cool weather lately, so my sweaters and long sleeves have been on rotation, but the approach of spring and Easter time always make me want to update everything with dresses and spring separates.  If money were no object, of course I'd go on a shopping spree. But, alas, money is an object (and excessive shopping is completely contrary to my new lifestyle endeavor).  So I try to make the most out of the wardrobe I have with the help of just a few updates.

I am a big fan of vests.  They are season-less, and very versatile (which my husband will attest is a key characteristic I look for in adding to my closet.)  Layering is an easy, effortless-yet-intentional way to stylize your outfit.  They can be worn over anything: long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, strapless.  They can be belted or not.  They can dress up something casual, or dress down something dressy.  Olivia does it well below:

You can see she wore the white vest (it looks like the same one) two different ways - with sleeves and pants, and then a dress - and how much more interesting and stylish the looks are than if it had just been an all-black ensemble, or just the dress.  And the orange vest outfit shows how a vest can make a dress more versatile: the dress looks like it's probably strapless, but she looks like she could be running weekend errands or going to a work meeting.

The key to vests is neutral/basic colors that can go with anything (or most things anyway. I would say an orange vest is a splurge.)  I think longer length, like Olivia is wearing, are a classier and more sophisticated, but you don't want it to be too big for your frame that you look sloppy (I don't have that worry, I'm 5'11".)  And then get creative with your combinations.