A Day of Foolery...

It's the last day of March (and my sister's birthday - Happy Birthday!), which means tomorrow is April Fool's Day.  I'm not a big prankster, and fortunately neither is my husband (fortunately, because if he were you know I'd have to be the recipient). I'm not opposed to pranks, but I think too often pranks are only funny to the one pulling it.  If both the pranker and the prankee can honestly laugh at the prank, then its a good one.

Here are some of the best, clever-yet-harmless pranks I've come across, that should have both parties laughing together.

  1. Best Prank on your Husband: Give him a hug good-bye as he leaves to work, and make sure to leave a fun sticker or note attached without him knowing. It could be something like “I have no clue this is here. Applaud every time you see me” or something random and silly that will have him wondering what’s going on.  Have to be sure it's sticky enough not to fall off in the car on the way to work.  Or a note on the back of the car big enough for other drivers to read: 'Honk and wave at me and call out "Hi [husband's name]." Happy April Fools!' 
  2. Best Prank on your Roommate: Any pranks with food involved: ketchup-filled 'jelly' donuts, mayo-filled 'cream' donuts, baking soda covered 'powdered sugar' donuts (donuts seem to be a versatile prank food), soy sauce 'Diet Coke,' etc.  If your roommates are anything like mine were in college, they're always eating your food, so this could be a good lesson for them anyway. 
  3. Best Prank on your Kids: The night before (so tonight), make them a breakfast bowl of cereal, then put it in the freezer overnight.
  4. Best Prank on you Co-Worker:  We've all seen those photos online of office cubicles completely covered with post-its, or foil, or full of balloons.  While those are funny and harmless, they're so much work!  Why not just cover the sensor on the underside of their computer mouse, preferably with something funny or startling for when they finally look and figure it out.  Or print out a big scary image and lay it in a desk drawer they frequently open.