Links I Love

  1. Space-Saving Ideas for your home - If anyone knows about maximizing storage in small spaces, its boat owners (and NYC apartment dwellers, so I've heard.) Everyone always needs more space, here are some good ideas. (
  2. Eva Mendez for Circa Beauty - The lovely Ms. Mendez has partnered with Circa Cosmetics for an affordable new line.  I'm looking forward to trying out the Ultrasuede Cream Blush. (
  3. Chocolate Toffee Bars - these look like heaven in your mouth. I can't wait to try this recipe. (
  4. Make your own Disneyland Dole Whip - as the weather heats up, save yourself the $100 per ticket to the Magic Kingdom and make your own treat at home. (
  5. DIY Jewelry Cleaners - the right items you already have at home for cleaning your varied stones and metals. (
  6. Handpicked Workout Gear - no doubt a cute workout outfit motivates the workout.  Fabletics by Kate Hudson has so many cute styles, and your first complete outfit is only $25! (
  7. How to Get Hair So Shiny it Might Blind a B*tch - the title says it all.  (
  8. Student Loan Forgiveness - while we're waiting for the government to agree to forgive all student debt, you should check out this list and see if you can start some forgiving under the current policies (since I think we'll be waiting a while for the gov to act.) (
  9. Easy DIY TV Wall Mount - I am going to do this.  Now with baby a toddler, need to move that TV up. (Though its going to require a trip to the hardware store, and should be more appropriately titled "Minimal Cost Way...") (