The Force Awakens - Cape Style

[Holiday style - cape - Star Wars]

Ok, so who went and saw the new Star Wars this weekend?  I confess that my husband and I did, and have had our tickets since they first went on sale weeks ago.  I personally could have waited, but the one thing my husband is geeky about is Star Wars, and he was literally like a kid at Christmas time all last week counting down.  We were almost derailed on our Star Wars viewing journey in that I got sick the night before we were supposed to go, but I was feeling better the next day and we made it to our showing. Usually my husband love the trailers before movies, but he said for the first time ever they couldn't end fast enough, LOL. He was cute.

While I am not a Star Wars geek (and I use that as a loving term), I am a movie geek, and I did enjoy the movie. Its a little over 2 hours, and you never wonder when it's going to end.  There are strong female characters through out, and its such fun to see Harrison Ford (love him!) back as Han Solo.


This cape top/jacket, whatever you want to call it, is great.  It can be worn alone as a top on it's own, like I'm doing here, or over a dress or a top with pants.  It has pockets (yay!) and the tie can be removed.  

I like the pop of color the flowers on my skirt (old, similar here) add to the look (who says florals are only for spring?) and I can't decide if I love the cape or the shoes more. The heels are the perfect height, and the metallic pattern on the toes is fun without being too sparkly.  Oh, and they're less that $30!

Say cheese! Matching Millennium Falcon shirts and everything! LOL

Say cheese! Matching Millennium Falcon shirts and everything! LOL