Weekend Fun - Staycation Dining Newport Beach, CA

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One of the great things about Southern California is all the variety within a short geographical distance.  So much to do (beaches, mountains, desert, amusement parks, museums, public parks, etc.) all within an hour drive or so from each other.  You don't have to even go far to feel like you've "gotten away."

Growing up in Orange County, Newport Beach was basically all about the beach to us.  We would just jump on the 55 south at the 5, and take it all the way until it ended (I remember when as a kid I realized the freeway was just ending. It felt like I'd reached the end of the world, LOL.)  Another 10 minutes down the road and we'd be at the beach, ready for a day of fun and sun.

Newport Beach California Staycation Dining

As an adult, I appreciate so much more of what the non-sand portion of Newport Beach has to offer.  I never used to think of Newport as a place to go for dining.  But now that we are parents, and it's harder to get away, my husband and I consider trying a new restaurant out of our normal radius as a fun little adventure date, and Newport has so much to offer.  The city is comprised of a collection of unique islands and 10 neighborhoods that form their own distinct character, and there is something for everyone.

Some of our favorites:

All Around Good: Zov's Newport Coast - our go-to for a nice but relaxed environment and good food.  Good for everything: breakfasts (bottomless mimosas in 4 flavors!), lunch, dinner, drinks and desserts.  

zovs newport beach

Pretending You're in Kauai Good:  Hula Dog - the sister to the small Hawaiian chain, Puka Dog (same originating family, I think husband and wife divorced and one runs Hula and one runs Puka.)  We honeymooned on Kauai and had Puka Dog several times, and go back every visit. Now that Hula is in Newport, we can get our Hawaiian dog fix without the cost of airfare.

hula dog newport beach

Trying A Lot at a Good Price:  Newport Restaurant Week is coming up in January (18th - 31st) and is the perfect time to try new restaurants. Participating restaurants offer special prix-fixe menus with lunches available for just $10, $15, $20, or $25, and dinners for $20, $30, $40 or $50.  Its a great deal for a lot of food at discounted prices.