Battington Lashes + IG Giveaway!

Battington Lashes + IG Giveaway!

The holidays are approaching, and that probably means increased social engagements for most of us.  I always like getting dressed up for the holidays - holiday parties always seem to me a bit dressier than the rest of the year (why is that?) and it's fun to put on the those statement outfits I really don't have occasion to wear the rest of the year.

Another way to make a statement with your look is to play up your facial features, particularly your eyes.

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Wednesday Wishlist - Nordstrom Fall Beauty

Wednesday Wishlist - Nordstrom Fall Beauty

[Nordstrom Beauty - Fall Skincare - Cosmetics]

Like many women I know, I enjoy beauty and skincare products.  I told my husband (back when he was just my boyfriend) that I wouldn't be one of those girls/women that had a million products, but its a good thing I didn't put that in my wedding vows, because I lied.  Not intentionally, but as I've gotten older I'm always on the search for the best thing to keep my skin looking it's best as age and hormones cause my skin issues to change.  

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Wedneday Wishlist - Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are one of the hottest bag styles right now, and they come in so many cute variations, I'm having a hard time deciding my favorite.  Especially for me as a mom (if you are one, you get it, if you're not yet, you totally will), a bag that is a decent size but doesn't feel huge and cumbersome is a must.  And especially having a long strap to wear cross-body as an option is a must, because if it's hanging from my body, I won't loose it, LOL. (And two hands free when out with a toddler is a necessity.) 

I think I would have every occasion and outfit covered if I could just get one of each of the below.

Top Row, L to R:
 -  The geometric print of this one is fun yet not too loud, and I love anything blue and white.  This one has two interior pockets as well to help (attempt to) keep everything organized.
 -  Love the two tone of this one (goes with everything!), it is real leather (on sale!!) and has two strap options: the longer cross-body and the shorter tote length.
 -  Cognac is one of my favorite colors for leather accessories, and this bucket bag is perfect.  It's real leather (another one on sale!!), and I think the perforation gives it fun character

Second Row, L to R:
 -  Isn't this one so unique? I love the combination of materials, and the print (I think up close it looks like reptile) from a distance looks like marble.  Also has the two different length straps to chose from.
 -  This taupe style is simply classy with the gold hardware details.  It is faux-leather with slight texture that makes it look rich and supple.  A great basic piece (majorly on sale).
 -  Seriously, how cute is this one?  It is appropriately called The Interstellar Bag, and is black textured vegan leather with embellished gold stars.

Third Row, L to R:
 -  The description of this one says it's brown, but I'd call it more of a mustard, which is partly why I love it.  It has a very modern style, and the tassels are so cute and on point.
 -  If you can only get one, you can't go wrong with classic black.  But this is anything but boring with the mix of suede and leather, and it has the cutest detailing with the rings and studs.
 -  This one is so fun for the holiday season.  Amazing jewel tone with a fun zipper detail (and it's a rental, so you can change it out when you're ready.)

Bottom Row, L to R:
 -  This style comes in five colors, and I want them all.  Great size and shape, super affordable AND just dropped another $10.  
 -  This teal is one of my favorite colors in anything, so I'm love with this bag.  The tassels are a cute detail, and it comes with a bonus snap flap wallet to coordinate.  
 -  This one comes in 2 colors, and is another great classic style.  Can't go wrong with this one.

Do you already own/use a bucket bag?  Let me know what you think about them.

Links I Love - 10.09.2015

links I love
links I love
  1. It's Friday.  Take a break and watch a few of these.  This guy will crack you up.  He works at BuzzFeed, and films these video where he drinks wine at work (and may or may not become inebriated) and comments on life.  HIL-AR-I-OUS!  (
  2. Pictures can say certain things better than any words can sometimes.  Here are some beautiful/inspiring/heartbreaking images to make you thankful/happy.humbled. (
  3. Anything that can simplify life is a good thing in my book. Some of these beauty hacks are so simple I wonder why I didn't think of them on my own.  (
  4. Who doesn't love mac'n'cheese? Isn't it like the unofficial king of comfort food?  Not that it takes super long on the stove top, but here's a quicker microwave version from scratch. (
  5. It really is fascinating to me how differently men and women see the same thing.  Sometimes I am so confused about what my husband thinks is attractive clothing on me.  Apparently I'm not alone. (
  6. Holiday time is fast approaching (can you believe it?!!)  Time to start thinking about holiday gifts.  I think these DIYs are super pretty and also look like they take more skill than they actually do.  These make impressive, attractive and useful gifts.
  7. Netflix is really killing it with quality original programming lately.  But in case you forgot, they also have movies from the big screen.  When you're done with your latest binge series, here's a list of the best films on Netflix. (
  8. Isn't the color of this glass soap dish so gorgeous? It reminds me of my wedding invitations, actually.  Maybe that's why I'm partial....  (  
  9. There have been studies that show that coloring is actually a good thing for adults to do, to books mental energy and creativity.  I'd forgotten that its actually fun until I started it at home with my toddler.  Here's some free printable sheets that are better than Mickey Mouse and Goofy.  (

Friday Favorites - Links I Love

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hope you find some of these as enjoyable/interesting as I did. 

links I love
  1. This DIY is amazingly easy (and inexpensive) but has such a rich result. I'm on the lookout for the right vase....(
  2. I find it hard enough to raise a toddler in an apartment, I can't imaging raising THREE on a boat. But an amazing way to experience the world (hopefully they're remember some of it.) Oh, and I want to know what these parent's job(s) are. (
  3. Style lessons from the queen of style we all wish we had, Carrie Bradshaw. (
  4. It's a great time, professionally and nationally, to be Laverne Cox. (
  5. Home-state pride, in this delicate and versatile jewelry piece.  They have all 50 states, so you could wear your history around your neck. (
  6. Every time I look there's a new genius app out there, making life a bit easier (or harder, depending on how you look at it, lol.)  Keep up to speed with this great list of time saving apps for your organization, wellness, travel, shopping, and entertainment. (
  7. People get creative with the most mundane things.  This is for those of you who LOVE your coffee so much, you want kiss it. (
  8. A gallery of some of the most beautiful photographs, aka eye candy.  (
  9. Parenting is one of the hardest undertakings with no formal training involved.  This should be required material for all new parents. (