10 Things About Me

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  1. I worked full time while going to law school at night, and took the California bar while 6 months pregnant (and passed!)
  2. I played basketball, volleyball and ran track in high school.
  3. I tried being blonde once (I don't think I had more fun.)
  4. I wanted to be a horse jockey when I was growing up.
  5. I always wished I had learned to dance.
  6. My least favorite feature on my face is my nose (though I don't hate it. It's just my least favorite.)
  7. I don't have a favorite color specifically, I favor blues/greens/teals.
  8. I got married in Hawaii.
  9. I have a really bad habit of picking at my cuticles. It drives my husband crazy.  It's worse when I'm anxious/nervous.
  10. I have WAY too many beauty products at home.


Happy Hump Day y'all. ( I don't know why the "y'all". Just seemed to go well with "Hump Day.") Half way to the weekend - yay!  I don't have anything planned yet of interest, but since we've had busy weekends the past couple, and we have busy weekends coming up, I'm ok with no plans this weekend.

Hmm, maybe I'll paint the bathroom....that sounds relaxing, right? ;)

Recapping the last couple weeks from Instagram:


Shop look pieces below.

Friday Favorites - Instagramers

Another week is ending, which means another weekend is beginning! I'm late in the day with this, but better late than never (since never has been the past few days :( )  I'm loving these Instagram accounts that I've stumbled across, so I wanted to share with you as well, I don't think you'll be disappointed to have these ladies lovely images and talent show up in your feeds as well.

Bree Hannemann (@breehawaiii)

My husband and I love Hawaii (I mean, come on, who doesn't?)  We got married there, we honeymooned there, we've been back almost yearly since, and even gone with our then one-year old (which was the worst trip, but only because he got sick 2 days in.)   We always daydream about moving there, and Bree appears to be living our daydream.  Her photos are beautiful, her family is beautiful, it's all just beautiful.

Images belong to @breehawaiii

Margie Keates (@thelovelyave)

Margie's feed is lovely to look at: perfect, colorful flower arragements of various sorts and sizes.  What is amazing - and you'll do a doubletake when I tell you this - is that all the flowers you see are handmade from paper by Margie.  That's what she does (I didn't know it was a thing until now) and she is so good.  I don't know how she does it, they look so real. And since they never die, they are perfect flower investment. I may have to order some for my home.

Images belong to @thelovelyave

Dana (@23Danilla)

Dana clearly travels well, eats well, and dresses well, and takes good photos while doing both.  There are a lot of travel/fashion bloggers out there, but Dana's feed has a nice feel to it, and her images are well constructed.  I would think it's safe to say she has a fondness for the color blue, which I do too, so maybe that's my draw to her?  But regardless your feeling of the color, you will appreciate what she is sharing (although you may find yourself yearning for an overseas vacation.)

Images belong to @23Danilla


Insta Replay


Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day holiday - let the summer begin!

Here's what went on on Instagram last week:



Get Ye To Bloglovin'

If you are an avid reader of numerous blogs, you probably already know about Bloglovin'.  If you aren't let me introduce you.  Bloglovin' is a site and an app that consolidates all your favorite blogs into one place, so you don't have to go to each individual page to check the latest updates. Because while there are a lot of cute sites and interesting content out there, lets be real: no one has time to go through them all and visit them all everyday.  With this site/app, you just log in to your Bloglovin' account, and your customized feed will show you the current posts from your favorite bloggers, and you can see everything all in one place.


You can save specific posts as favorites, and Bloglovin' will even make suggestions for you based on your current likes.  You can set your preferences and have them send you an email as frequently as you like with the updates so you don't have to remember to check (or you can glance over quickly to see if anything is of interest that day.)  I use Bloglovin' as a resource daily, I recommend it you too.  

Click the link below to start following me on Bloglovin' or to get set up and started.  Welcome!!

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